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Use the following links to access the answers to commonly and frequently asked questions related to selecting a contractor, requesting bids, home remodeling services, small business development resources and additional construction related items.

​ 1. When selecting a general contractor or home remodeling contractor, verify if your contractor, handyman, plumber or electrician is licensed in State of New Mexico at the following link: http://public.psiexams.com/search.jsp
2. When reviewing contractor bids, verify if contractor proposal includes State of New Mexico Gross Receipt Tax. Information on State of NM taxes.
3. When selecting a bathroom remodeling or home remodeling services contractor, make sure that the contractor is able to obtain any necessary building permits. Almost all City and County agencies require a building permit. Below if a list of major NM cities websites and also check your local municipalities websites for further information. 
​ City of Farmington, NM building department http://www.fmtn.org/index.aspx?nid=265
​ City of Albuquerque, NM building department http://www.cabq.gov/planning/our-department/building-safety/about 
​ City of Santa Fe, NM building department http://www.santafenm.gov/building_permits
4. If the contractor will be digging, make sure the contractor calls for underground utilities. Whether you’re digging a few inches or several feet, call before you dig.  http://www.nmonecall.org
5. Additional links on selecting a contractor. http://www.thisoldhouse.com/toh/photos/0,,20539027,00.html
​6. New Mexico Small Business Development website: http://www.nmsbdc.org/
7. Additional Small Business Development website. WESST is a NM statewide small business development and training organization committed to growing New Mexico’s economy by cultivating entrepreneurship: http://www.wesst.org
​8. The American Indian Chamber of Commerce of NM: http://aiccnm.com/default.aspx
9. Construction Liability & Workman's Comp Insurance: http://www.riograndeins.com/
10. Calvary Downtown Outreach: http://calvarydowntownoutreach.org/
11. https://www.nativeconstructors.com/
12. Angie's List: http://www.angieslist.com/companylist/us/nm/rio-rancho/native-constructors-inc-reviews-7955350.htm

13. Twitter: https://twitter.com/N_Construct​ors

14. Instragram: https://instagram.com/nativeconstructors/​

15. Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/nativeconstruct/​

16. Yellow pages: http://www.yellowpages.com/rio-rancho-nm/mip/native-constructors-inc-481112373
17. Porch: https://porch.com/rio-rancho-nm/general-contractors/native-constructors-inc-/pp

18. Home Remodeling Services, Bathroom Remodels, Carpentry, Drywall, Tile and ADA Accessibility - Disability Remodels.